The Great Sailing Adventure – Anticipation:

From the annuls of this blog you have learned that Judy and I gave “Regal Jug,” our much loved and pampered Aquarius 23, sailboat, to our son and his family in Gilroy California. Right from the start I was afraid this would happen… Glen has come down with a severe case of sailing fever. In fact I look at the posts on Barb’s Facebook page and I see all the symptoms in his face. Nervous glances into the rigging to see if he can wring a couple tenths of a knot more speed out of the boat by twitching a sheet just a bit. Checking the telltales to be sure he is not luffing or stalling the sails. Checking the want ads for a boat that is just about two feet longer, (classic case of two-foot-itus.) I should know, I had the same disease for years. It has been more or less dormant since we got the motor home, but I have suspected all along… I am a carrier.

Skookum Chuck

Skookum Chuck from the Charter Ad.

The culmination of this sailing attack will be played out over the next two weeks. Judy and I have migrated to the Olympic peninsula of Washington where we will be handy to the Coho ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria, BC. Glen and Barb with two of their sons, Patrick and Bryce and friend Cathy will arrive on Friday the 31st. We will all board the Coho Ferry to Victoria first thing Saturday morning to begin “The Great Sailing Adventure.” We will drive to Nanaimo and get checked out on our charter boat about noon. We will then cram the contents of two cars into the lockers of the boat, make a hurried provisioning run to the local grocers and try to be underway by about two or three in the afternoon. We have a date with Dodd Narrows at 5:30 because “Time and tide wait for no man.”
Stay tuned for the next installment of “The Great Sailing Adventure.” Will the Skookum Chuck be ready in time? Will we make a wrong turn and wind up in Campbell River? What is Skookum anyway?
The Crew of The Skookum Chuck

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  1. Well… It’s more like 10 foot itis. But at least I don’t have to read newspapers any more… I can just search craig’s list.

    If you’re looking for Christmas ideas, something like this would do nicely: 2004 36.7 Farr First Sailboat!

  2. Hey! I had the fever first. Stay out of my dreams!

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