The Great Sailing Adventure – The New Skipper:

Today dawned bright and clear in Tsehum Harbor. (Go ahead, pronounce it!) There wasn’t a hint of breeze, however. Not a problem, we will motor until the breeze sets in. Meanwhile we will look for opportunities to practice landings. We were looking for a nice piece of driftwood to act as a surrogate for a dock. Well we finally settled on a rather wimpy stalk of floating kelp.
We slowed and Patrick practiced a landing alongside the kelp stock. OK, (ho hum) that was sure fun. So we kicked Skookumchuck back in gear and headed for our destination, Cadboro Bay. Still no breeze, I mean flat calm, mirror for an ocean, zip! Because we were not sailing and the current was going our way we got to Cadboro Bay by lunch time. We decided to continue on Victoria Inner Harbor. We arrived just before two in the afternoon and most of the public slips were empty, hooray!


Glen Concentrating on the Landing at Victoria - Photo Credit Barbra Dinsmore

Senior Skipper, Gary, deferred to Skipper Glen and we set up the boat to back in to slip E. Like a well oiled machine the crew and skipper made it look easy. I remember back to June of 1979 when we sailed the 36 foot Chung Hwa Ketch, the Bluebird, into this same port and backed into a slip right in front of this same sea wall with the same Empress Hotel in the background. I couldn’t be prouder. I was literally reliving my own triumph of 33 years ago. The big difference is the price. It was a great bargain then at $10 a night, now it is $87 a night.
Night In Victoria BC

Skooks in Victoria - Phot Credit Patrick Dinsmore

We spent the afternoon cruising Victoria and we have two Starbucks spotted for Wi-Fi opportunities. This blog will get posted in the morning.
The Crew of the Skookumchuck.

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