True Blue:

Well at least a true blue bottom. Glen has the vision of mooring Regal Jug at Moss Landing over on Monterey Bay. The bottom paint that I put on Regal about 23 years ago was mostly gone.

The Blue Boys

Here are the Blue Boys

Glen, Patrick and I spent the weekend blocking up the boat, scraping and sanding the old paint and finally putting a brand new true blue coat of blue bottom paint on Regal Jug. The photo in the web site shows how much of the blue paint we got on ourselves. Glen said, “No problem, it is water based.” Nope, it is the real Mac-coy. Nothing touches it but paint thinner or sand paper. Actually, mineral oil, followed by soap and water does a fairly nice job and isn’t so hard on your skin.
The Invention

Gary Showes off His Invention

In this photo Gary holds his invention. The boat was blocked up with the trailer still in place but sitting right under the boat. We were having a problem reaching in to paint the bottom above the bunkers. The invention is basically a paint pad forced onto a paint stirring stick. We could hold both ends and paint above the bunker. One person was underneath working the stick the second person was peering under the boat and guiding the painter. “A little more outboard… now more to the stern…” etc.
Regal Jug was built in California in 1974 to our special order. Our special order was bare boat no frills, cheap as you can make it. We took the boat to the San Juan Islands that first year to participate in the O’Cassa Boating Club cruise. Practically every year after that we went somewhere in the region. The Gluf Islands of Canada, Desolation Sound and Barkley Sound were frequently our destination. When we retired in 2004, Judy and I took Regal Jug to the San Juan Islands for a five week tour. Now Glen has the boat back here in California and he is continuing the legacy of Regal Jug. It seems to be the go anywhere, do anything boat.
Judy and I will be spending about 3 more weeks here in Gilroy. We are helping out at the Wings of History Air Museum. May 18th is their annual big open house and the airport’s Fly In. If you are in the area, be sure and stop in.
Gary and Judy
True Blue
Patrick and Glen

Patrick and Glen Put the Finshing Touches on Regal Jug

Lawn Ornement on Tatum Ave

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  1. Oh, great… Now how are we going to patent your invention? You’ve blasted it all over the interwebs before filing!! oh well…

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