Flat Tire in Oceana:

Today was our second day out of Arizona. We arrived in Oceano, part of the so called five cities that includes Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and perhaps Nipomo and San Louis Obispo.When we started to make our port of call at the five cities Elks lodge we missed the entrance and wound up in a residential neighborhood. Before extracting our selves we developed a puncture in the left front tire. Cesar came to our rescue and patched the tire. Here is an action photo right here on our blog.

Cesar gets Arcturus on his feet, er wheels again:

Cesar gets Arcturus on his feet, er wheels again:

Other than that our migration from the arid region along the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean was uneventful. Not even snow flurries on Tehachapi pass, though we did have head winds all the way. We will spend a few days visiting friends here in southern California and then hang out at the Wings of History Air Museum in San Martine for a long week. A couple years ago the museum staff decided it was not cool to have street people in front of the museum week after week. They offered us a nice gated compound, the museum itself, to stay in. we only get 15 amps of power and I have to wait until after hours and string every scrap of hose they and we have together to fill the water tank once a week. Oh yes, no dump station, so we bucket brigade the gray water to the bathroom about once a week also.
So to family and friends in the Pacific NW we are scheduling our arrival for the first week of April. We would appreciate it if you can get the rains pretty much over for this spring season. You wouldn’t want our hard won winter tans to fade, now would you?

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  1. Ray Scholl

    Ouch, that would be my nightmare having a flat on a big rig. You probably haven’t had to many. I would hope you bring the Sunshine to the Northwest as you have the tans.

  2. We’re working on the rain. It should be good and wet by the time you get here.

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