Spring Break at Wings of History

We are just now leaving the Wings of History compound heading for the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We spent 10 days camped inside our private gated community, so to speak. Here are some of the activities we enjoyed.

Franklin 4 cyl

The Franklin. WOH next restoration project.

One, we built a new stand to display a four cylinder Franklin aircraft engine from the 1930’s. That took both Judy and I and help from Doug R. to weld the tubing. Doug was a willing and eager welding student. Judy was my eager and willing steady hand on the torch. Together we made a satisfactory welding machine. Judy pointed the torch and I nudged it along to work the molten puddle where I needed it. By the end, Judy was really catching on, and anticipating the moves. “Rosie the welder?”
Jerry and Gary

Jerry Impellezzeri and Gary going over the fine details of the display stand.

Second I painted the stand with primer and black paint. Have you ever noticed that the nearly full can of paint you already have on hand will paint 95% of the project? I guess that is why you always have a nearly full can of paint on hand.
Third we looked up some bluegrass jamming in Morgan Hill. My first contact was the wrong group. This was a Paddy’s day open mic session at the local bistro and ice cream parlor. The group was ultra friendly and convinced me that I could run with the big dogs. Ha! I had major problems, forgotten words, wrong key, butterflies in total chaos. In the end everyone was ultra friendly, many came by to congratulate me, encourage me to come back. You know what? I didn’t realize it until just recently. I really am a legend in my own mind. What else counts? I had fun. Second Thursday I really did find the Bluegrass jam and got to jam under familiar conditions and renew old acquaintances.
Photo Op along the Coyote Creek Trail. [Gary]

Photo Op along the Coyote Creek Trail. [Gary]

Fourth we walked and rode the trikes on several outings. Weather was outstanding except for a couple rainy days. I certainly won’t complain. They have suffered under drought conditions for several years. It looks good to see the reservoirs begin to fill up. San Louis was about half full. Looking forward to seeing a real lake in Shasta tomorrow.
AND… we got to see Cody and meet Danellia. Mom Barb was here too to help them move to Sacramento. We wish them a long life, health and prosperity together.

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