A Little Help Loading Cat Trikes:

Our new Cat Trikes tip the scales at about 30 pounds. Now that is not bad, but they are awkward to load. I checked my inventory of steel tubing and discovered that I had a couple nice lengths of one inch steel tubing left over from building bicycles. I bent a nice radius curve near one end and mounted it down the center of the van as a monorail. Today I designed a trolley to fit the monorail and built it. It has screen slider rollers with fat O-rings for tires and hand bent aluminum frame.

Trolly Tires

Trolley Car Tire Detail at End of Monorail

Sanding a part

Every Piece is Carefully Cut, Shaped and Fit

It was somewhat challenging to bend four identical frame pieces that hold the wheels at a consistent 45 degree angle. I even took a couple photos to document the process. You need to drop by my web site to view them.
Assembling Trolley

Assembling the Trolley

The project turned out totally awesome except
for one detail. I mounted the monorail just a tad too close to the van’s side door lip and the trolley will not roll out onto the outside extension. It is really no problem, however. I will make a slightly longer bracket and braze it in place of the one that is too short. It just means I must un-mount the monorail, and get it out on the ground where I can braze again.
End of Track

Completed Trolley at the End of the Track

I will get that done on the next sun break this weekend. I did have the foresight to mount the monorail with “quick-link” links from a size 41 chain drive. I only need to pop open the “quick links” to drop the mono-rail. Un-bolting the mounts from the ceiling ribs would be much harder.
And no! I did not bolt the mounts through the roof. There were some handy pre-punched holes in the roof support struts. I was able to get some captive nuts that just fit. Love that Ace Hardware guy. He is the one that found the “fat” o-rings that made perfect little rubber tires on the replacement wheels for a sliding glass door screen. My photos show the details. Be sure and visit my web site at www.dinsmore-enterprises.com
We are bravely facing a few days of rainy weather here in Hillsboro, Oregon. We will be back at our familiar haunts in May at Stubb Stewart State Park.

Test Fitting

Test Fitting the Trolley Parts. Notice the “Quick-Link on the Bracket

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