This blog is powered by WordPress and a theme developed by my son, Glen. The power of this theme is the ability to have a different header design for each of the several categories. My principal categories will be Travels, Sailing, Bicycle Construction and Bluegrass Music.

For travels my wife, Judy, and I live in a 34 foot Alpine motor home towing a red utility trailer.

For bicycle construction the trailer is packed with tools and supplies for building and maintaining bicycles, (and motor homes.)

For Bluegrass, we travel to Bluegrass Festivals around California and Arizona in the winters and Washington and Oregon during the summer. I play the guitar and I am learning the fiddle.

For transportation after we get our home parked we use a recumbent tandem bicycle named “Path.” We also walk a lot.

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  1. Sue Owen

    Gary, you are a good teacher! I am pretty sure I have a new password. Well, at least this site let me log in with it, so I would say it is working. Yahoo! Sue

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