Something Different:

After spending the winter in the desert chasing Bluegrass Festivals, hiking and bird watching, we just finished a week of something completely different. We met with our son, Glen and Barb and Bryce in the white hot intensity of life in Los Angeles. We chose a park on the northern fringes of the LA metropolis, in Santa Clarita. Glen and his family were in a hotel in Studio City. With me as navigator and Judy driving we tackled the freeway system. Down I-5 and I-405 to the 101, we tried to leave three car lengths ahead. That was quickly occupied by another car. That was nothing compared to the drive back to our coach at eight or so in the evening with headlights and taillights everywhere and not really seeing the exits until you are right on them.
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Just-in-time Inventory

Just-in-time inventory is a concept that industry embraced back in the 90’s or so. Instead of stockpiling hoards of parts they let their suppliers inventory them and had them delivered just before they needed them.

I am trying to perfect this technique myself. I used to collect all kinds of stuff that I expected to come in handy…someday. Occasionally one of these parts would come in handy for a project and of course that reinforced the hording instinct. Read More »

On The Brazos

In Texas the Brazos River starts somewhere near Lubbock and flows into the Gulf of Mexico about 50 miles West of Galveston Texas. We visited the Brazos in Brazos Bend State Park about fifty miles south of Houston. Now Houston is the largest city in Texas so we carefully tiptoed around the edges of the city to get there. Brazos Bend is very rural and that was part of the attraction for us. What we found was bird-watching programs, nature walks, miles of trails and the George Observatory.

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Sum Total:

Have you ever thought about what makes up your personality? I have to believe that it is the sum total of the experiences you have had to date in your lifetime. These, of course, are filtered through your senses, and tempered by your own reaction to them. Read More »

Out of the Blue

Blue: as in Blue Moon, Bluegrass and Blue Sky. As I write this there is Bluegrass music in my ears and the brilliant blue sky is overhead. We are in the community of Goldendale Washington, and they have pulled out all of the stops. We are attending the first, perhaps first annual, Blue Moon, Bluegrass Camp and Jam Festival. Read More »

Wilderness and In Between

It is nice to visit the fancy resort campgrounds, and chum around with all of the super friendly Escapee MembersÂ….but! There is one thing that Judy and I agree on, it is just so neat to get out in the wilds in a small state, county or federal campground. For the next two days we will be in the Pima County, Tucson Mountain Park in the Gilbert Ray Campground. Read More »

Railroad Museum:

I only wish that I could teleport my son, Glen and my Son-in-law Neil here to be with me this evening. We are boondocking in the parking lot of the Railroad Museum here in Hillsborough New Brunswick. Thirty feet from the nose of Arcturus is parked a Canadian Voodoo Fighter Jet. All along the tracks to the left side of the coach are railroad equipment, beautifully preserved, and I think some of it is used for excursions. Read More »

Winning in Winnipeg:

Such a beautiful day, such friendly people, just a few less mosquitoes and life would be perfect here. The Sinners and the Dinsmores are camped in Birds Hill Provincial Park just outside Winnipeg Manitoba. The camp hosts came over and greeted us. We were showered with Winnipeg pins and Canada Maple Leaf pins and flag pins. They had brochures for every attraction we might be interested in. We drove down town to “The Forks.” This is the confluence of the Assiniboine river and the Red River, and it is right down town. It is a combination shopping experience and park. Read More »

The Blue Hole:

We have escaped from rainy Oregon. There was some concern that the alley behind our daughter’s place might be muddy from all of the rain and we might get stuck. We had no problems at all. We extracted the trailer with Neil’s jeep, however. The trailer made the jeep squat, but the front tires stayed on the ground and we only had to move it about a hundred feet. Read More »

Wine Country Explorations:

Gary and Judy drove North and Ed and Sarah drove West and we all met in Healdsberg in Sonoma County California. We both started out independently. Gary and Judy braving the traffic on I-808 through the heart of the East Bay from San Jose through Oakland and San Rafael to get to 101. Ed and Sarah running the I-80 gauntlet through Napa and Sonoma. Read More »