20171026 What Is With This Week?

Things have just not been going my way this week. The week started out “Crappy.” Tu-wit, I sat on the toilet and the plastic hinges shattered from old age and brittleness. “No Problemo” I think, I’ll just order new hinges. Nope…so I ordered a new seat. End of the week came and no seat. So I canceled that order and re ordered it at the next town, Henderson, NV. That one failed to show also, so I had it shipped to Judy’s Sister, Sonja’s house for next week. Besides it is kind of fun skating around the toilet on a loose seat.
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Catch Up:

The past ten days have been both exciting and hectic: Exciting in that we are exploring a completely new part of the country: Hectic because a couple things have quit working. Read More »

Sedona-Three Tales

Yesterday we chose to drive Renee’s rental car to Sedona and back, a trip of about 250 miles. Our plan was to get an early start, take the scenic route and have lunch in Sedona. Return via Interstate 17 and Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle National Monuments. Here is the story of the trip from three different points of view. Read More »

Red Rock

We have to brag about our National Parks. They are spectacular! In southern Utah there are some real gems. We have just finished exploring Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. I know you have seen photos of Landscape Arch, (Our version is below) You hike up the real thing; you must contemplate how unlikely it is for such a structure to develop, and yet there it is; spanning over three hundred feet and barely six foot thick at the apex. We hiked four miles round trip to see it. Along the way we were watched over by huge monoliths towering several hundred feet above us on both sides. It is easy to feel small and insignificant.

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Topock Gorge

Judy and I are visiting Sonja and Jack in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Lake Havasu is part of the Colorado River between Davis Dam and Parker Dam, a distance of about 83 miles on the river. Today we boated about 20 miles of the lake and the river in Topock Gorge in Jack’s pontoon boat.

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Into Canada:

We have lots of relatives in Colville and Kettle Falls Washington. We stopped at Buena Vista where two of my aunts, Lindell and Shandon, live. I brought along my guitar and played music for over an hour. I had a wonderful time playing and I think everyone there enjoyed themselves. We then moved on to a campground in Kettle Falls and cousins Benny and Monty and his wife Marilyn dropped by for a visit. We met up with Judy’s sister, Sonja and Jack at the campground and we spent the evening planning our trip to Alaska. Read More »

Dante’s View:

O.K. you have probably been asking yourself over the past few years, “What is Dante’s view of things?” To answer that question your advance exploration party, Judy, Gary and Sue Owen traveled from the depths of Death Valley, some 260 feet below sea level to Dante’s View, an overlook for the Death Valley area at an elevation of 5,475 feet. Read More »

Off the Wall:

We have been out of touch for several days. No internet in the western half of Texas. Now we are in Deming, New Mexico at an Escapee’s Park. Read More »

The Death Valley Chronicles:

Hi Everyone – March 6, 2005

This is going to be a series of short takes about our stay in Death Valley because we have no internet here at the bottom of the North American Continent. Read More »

Hangin’ out at the 3,000 foot level.

Wow! Did we call that one right! Just talked to a couple that rolled in from Grand Canyon and Flagstaff this afternoon. They went to sleep last night to driving rain. When they woke up this morning it was all quiet and they thought the rain had gone away. Oops, there was a foot of snow covering everything. Indeed their coach had a foot of snow on top. Read More »