Damp Woods

Judy and I like to get out and walk or bicycle virtually every day. It does get more difficult when the weather is cold and wet. I don’t like to get the bicycle wet if I can help it. I have no good way to get it dried out and cleaned up. Then the rust begins to show up.

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Here we are in California now. We haven’t noticed much change in temperature yet. The nights are close to freezing and days are low fifty’s. I know, “there is just no pleasing some people.” We did hurry this far because we heard there is a big storm approaching the Pacific Coast. Some points on the coast this weekend are anticipating winds of over forty miles per hour. We think we have gotten ourselves south of that and we are now somewhat inland in the midst of the California Coast Redwood Groves. Read More »

Painted Ladies:

The sign said “Queen of the Painted Churches.” It pointed back the way we had just came from St. Marys Church in High Hill, Texas. We were touring five of the “Painted Churches” of Fayette County Texas, a specially promoted tour by the Schulenberg Chamber of Commerce. Read More »


I knew almost nothing about shooting skeet. Today we moved across the Sea Wind RV Park from the overflow area to a ringside seat on the park’s skeet range. Around noon I noticed a couple pickups had parked and two men were busy tuning up some weird looking Frisbee throwers. Read More »

Beaver Dams:

Judy and I went for one of our walks in the “Icky Woods” again today. The owner of the campground here on Lake Hartwell gave us a challenge. We had asked about bicycling and hiking opportunities and were told about limited opportunities. But then he told us that he and his family had hiked down to the stream that crosses their property. He told about walking up the stream to its source, a spring. He also indicated that it was a very difficult hike because of thorny brush and some steep banks. Well that was all the challenge we needed. Read More »

Walk in the Icky Woods:

While replying to an e-mail from one of my associates from back at Boise Cascade, Diane Dillard, I responded to her celebration of having walked over three miles on the treadmill at the mill’s exercise club. Now Judy and I do really miss the workout times at the club and especially the good friends there, so I chided her by saying that we had to do our walking in the “Icky Woods.” So this blog is about walking in the “Icky Woods.” Read More »

Ontario on the Fly

We always thought Montana was a big state to cross. It takes a three hard days of driving to do it. We just finished six hard days of driving to cross Ontario Canada and we have another day to go. Our average drive has been 240 miles. Yes, I know, I have said that we didn’t want to go that fast. We would only go a couple hundred miles and then rest a day and see the sights, Well I guess after you have seen about 500 beautiful sky blue lakes and been bit by 400,000 mosquitoes you start to feel like “been there, done that.” Read More »

The Death Valley Chronicles:

Hi Everyone – March 6, 2005

This is going to be a series of short takes about our stay in Death Valley because we have no internet here at the bottom of the North American Continent. Read More »

Gary Joins a Bluegrass Band:

Well it is not quite as serious as it sounds. Yesterday, Sunday, at the Bluegrass Festival in Quartzsite Arizona, they had what is called a “Band Scramble.” Read More »

Sunshine and Wildflowers:

The rain-gods are being nice to us these days. There have been some rain squalls and one very loud thunderstorm since we arrived here in Lake Havasu City Arizona. It has still been nice, because the rain has been happening at night and then the sun comes out and the temperature is right back up to 65 or so by the afternoon. We have been riding the tandem all over town. Read More »