Spring Break at Wings of History

We are just now leaving the Wings of History compound heading for the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We spent 10 days camped inside our private gated community, so to speak. Here are some of the activities we enjoyed. Read More »

Bluegrass Festival Time in Arizona:

We have been cruising around southwest Arizona for the past four weeks attending three Bluegrass festivals and the Ajo fiddle contest. The past three days in Bullhead City have been the most awesome jamming opportunities of all. Here is a photo of the group we hosted last night at our campsite.
Tomorrow we will make our way to Lake Havasu City for the next festival in two weeks.
Left to right around the circle, Barbra and Joe Magie, a bass player and guitarist that I missed their names, Mick and Fria on mandolin and dobro guitar. That is me standing and a fellow named Steve with his back to the camera. Our campfire is a propane heater and a LED lantern on the table.
Please let me know if there are still recipients out there who do not wish to receive e-mail with photos attached. This photo is 600 kb. I always trim them.

Once Bit, Twice Shy:

I am not sure how to present this. Either we are getting wimpy in our old age, or we are finally getting smart. We are in the midst of our fall migration to the southern states. Read More »

2014: Out Like a Lion:

I have been known to briefly summarize the previous year. Emphasis on briefly. 2014 certainly went out like a lion here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. High temperature for the day was 41 degrees and windy with the overnight low at 37.7. I am not really complaining, mind you; but we spent a fair amount of time and money hauling our butts down here to be warm. I was prepping the coach for travel this morning with wool socks, long pants, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt and wooly vest. In the interest of brevity I will finish with the news that today is sunny and bright and the winds are calm. The snow looks just fine over on the mountains around Lake Havasu. Read More »

Catching Up:

Seems to me like I owe all of you a blog to finish the story about replacing the carpet and tile in the coach. June was a very busy month. We did indeed finish the remodeling project and there will be a gallery of photos on the web site. We then rushed up to L. L. “Stub” Stewart State Park to clean cabins for two weeks in late May. Read More »

Company Comin’:

It is August and we are in our last month as Camp Hosts at Yamhill State Heritage Site this year. Several of our friends have already stopped by on their way back from the annual Church Campout. Everything went very well. We had just enough parking space for their RV’s and everyone got to tour the archeological digs that are going on. A couple of friends have over-nighted on our couch, and friends with RV’s can over night at the Spirit Mountain Casino. Of course you are on your own with your new Coyote Card. Read More »

Building and Fixing:

This was the weekend for building things and fixing things.
Glen and I spent the day Sunday building a belt guard for the electric drive on Golanth, our new recumbent bicycle. We can ride it anytime as a true bicycle, and we have ridden a total of 84 miles since I completed it. As my friend Ed would put it, that works out to a tad over $68 a mile just for the cost of all the parts. Read More »

What Were We Thinking!

Here we are at Stub Stewart State Park, up in the Oregon Coast Range at 1,200 feet elevation in October going on Thanksgiving. We just walked down to lock up the Day Use restrooms at seven o’clock, one of our regular chores. It is totally dark and the temperature is 42 degrees with a 10 mph wind out of the south west. I am dressed in high top shoes, woolly socks, long pants, regular tee shirt, long sleeve tee shirt, long sleeved sweatshirt with a hoody, a fuzzy vest and a wind breaker over it all. I have my volunteer hat and volunteer vest and my hands jammed deep in my pockets. Judy is dressed similarly except she has her woolly gloves on. Read More »

The Great Sailing Adventure – Anticipation:

From the annuls of this blog you have learned that Judy and I gave “Regal Jug,” our much loved and pampered Aquarius 23, sailboat, to our son and his family in Gilroy California. Right from the start I was afraid this would happen… Glen has come down with a severe case of sailing fever. In fact I look at the posts on Barb’s Facebook page and I see all the symptoms in his face. Nervous glances into the rigging to see if he can wring a couple tenths of a knot more speed out of the boat by twitching a sheet just a bit. Checking the telltales to be sure he is not luffing or stalling the sails. Checking the want ads for a boat that is just about two feet longer, (classic case of two-foot-itus.) I should know, I had the same disease for years. It has been more or less dormant since we got the motor home, but I have suspected all along… I am a carrier Read More »

The Oil Pump Tester

There are lots of ways to have fun. For example, I have found a group of Bluegrass Pickers here in Morgan Hill near where we are staying. They get together a couple times a week and play Bluegrass together. Other times I have fun by volunteering at a small local Air Museum at the airport in San Martin called Wings of History. One of their restored airplanes is a Peitenpol Air Camper, a kit plane from the 1930’s. It is powered by a Ford Model “B” engine. It is nearing the end of its restoration effort. Recently a debate has been raging in the hanger around the adequacy of the oil lube system and a new improved Model “A” oil pump was secured. Last Tuesday I helped remove the engine from the Pietenpol one more time. We flipped the engine and removed the pan. We extracted the oil pump and the crew decided we needed to test the old pump compared to the new pump and see if it really was able to pump more oil. I more or less agreed to design and build a test apparatus for the pumps. Ideas were flying back and forth while I took some basic dimensions from the pumps. Read More »