The Opry

Here we are back at Lutherhill in La Grange, Texas visiting our friends Mem and Arnie. This time we drug along our new friends, John and Re Re (Marie) and there are new friends to get to know, Gary and Gloria who are also visiting Mem and Arnie. Read More »


I knew almost nothing about shooting skeet. Today we moved across the Sea Wind RV Park from the overflow area to a ringside seat on the park’s skeet range. Around noon I noticed a couple pickups had parked and two men were busy tuning up some weird looking Frisbee throwers. Read More »

It Helps to be from Oregon:

When Judy makes up her mind to go for a walk, you might as well get your gear out and get ready. I had found a new Geocache two miles down the beach from the coach. We are currently parked in Nueces County Park at Balli Beach on North Padre Island in Texas. The cabin fever has become somewhat intense since it has been cold and wet and miserable for almost a week now. Short dashes out to the beach to watch the slate gray water beat against the white sandy beach does not assuage our wanderlust. Read More »

Holed Up:

Even in paradise, I guess, a little rain must fall sometimes. We are holed up from the great Texas chill of 2007 in Corpus Christi Texas. At least we don’t have the ice pellets included in our rain like they have a couple hundred miles north of here. You have probably seen the headlines for Missouri and that part of the country. They have a major ice storm and power outages. Right here it is 41 degrees and has dropped from 43 when we woke up, and 66 when we went to bed last night. The wind is coming at us from the east with gusts to about 25 mph according to the news. That is a good direction for us. It pushes the door closed instead of slamming it open and throwing us across the parking lot when we try to catch it.

When you think about it we are actually better prepared for power outages than the average. We like to have power, but we can easily survive for over a week without any outside services. We actually have four different ways to make electricity. The main engine, the gen-set, solar and the shore power if it is available. We have three ways to heat our house. Propane furnace, the gen-set or shore power running the space heater and we could run the engine and automotive heater in a pinch. We can cook on the propane stove, in the microwave and the charcoal Bar-b-que. Our one deficiency is that the insulating factor for this box is the pits. When it gets down to freezing the furnace runs every five minutes.

Yesterday was a blast, however. We did a twenty two mile bicycle ride and searched out three Geocaches. One Geocache site took us to a sea wall and promenade that we would never have found without encouragement from the search. One of the side benefits of Geocaching.

We started out from our camp on North Padre Island. Path, our trusty Green Dragon tandem recumbent bicycle was in fine spirits and rolled along nice and gentle in the light breezes coming off the Gulf of Mexico. The temperatures were a comfortable 70 degrees, and the humidity was a touch high. We rode across the bridge onto Mustang Island just to the North of Padre Island. Five miles out onto Mustang Island we visited the Texas State Park called Mustang Island. It was not much different from the county park we are staying in, but it is a good alternative location and they take reservations. For our camping friends their rates are $22 a night, $14 plus $8 for two people or you have to buy a Texas State Parks pass. Balli Park, where we are staying is $18 and you get seven days for the price of six. These are pretty good rates in this area where resorts get up to $35 a night. There is no pool or cable and no club house with poker at night either.

Now our home based friends might think these rates are a bit high, but take your property tax bill and add on your electric, (not counting heat) and your water bills and divide by 365. It’s not a bad trade for awaking to a different sunrise every few days.

Meanwhile back at the coach Judy is working on a quilt for the church and I am doing a little leather work and writing a blog of course.

We send along our love to all our friends and relatives back home and across the nation.

Gary and Judy

Balli Beach

Judy Watches the Surf at Balli Beach on the Gulf Coast of Texas


Sometimes we find adventure, sometimes it finds us. Today we were getting our gear together to go out birding and Geocaching when I spotted an animal roaming through the sage brush. Read More »

Hide and Seek:

I have been pretty quiet in March. It is mostly because we are staying put this month. We have found an ideal hidey spot near our Son’s family in Gilroy California. We are perched on top of a knoll just at the west city limits. The knoll is surrounded by the municipal golf course, and the summit is the Gilroy Elks Lodge. We are allowed to stay seven days then we have to do something for three days before we can come back. Read More »

Twists and Turns:

Life itself can be a tortuous journey, so today’s blog is about how we have gotten to this place and this point in life. Read More »

To Infinity and Beyond!

Well we did it, the Disneyland Family Vacation. Three full days of standing in line interspersed with moments of exhilarating adventure. But what can I tell you about Disneyland. It is a place you have to do for yourself along with millions of other people. Read More »