Damp Woods

Judy and I like to get out and walk or bicycle virtually every day. It does get more difficult when the weather is cold and wet. I don’t like to get the bicycle wet if I can help it. I have no good way to get it dried out and cleaned up. Then the rust begins to show up.

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Question: Why would anyone get up early to get on a bus at about 8 am and spend all day to drive 182 miles only to get back to the same spot twelve hours later?

Answer: To visit Denali – the National Park; the Mountain; the wildlife: And see them we did. Wow! Read More »

The Columbia Gorge:

We spent the day exploring the scenic Columbia Gorge with my two sisters today. Sister Holly drove over from Newman Lake in Eastern Wasington. Sister Cher joined us from Scappoose. Gary, Judy, Cher and Holly visited several of the spectacular water falls in the gorge and we hiked to the vista points on most of them. Read More »

Looking for Old Fossils:

My grandson, Bryce, age 5, would love it here. We are in Dinosaur Provincial Park on the Red Deer River in Alberta Canada. There are lots of really old fossils here, and now I don’t have to feel so old. We tromped around the hills of these “bad lands” but we didn’t discover any new dinosaur bones. Read More »

The Death Valley Chronicles:

Hi Everyone – March 6, 2005

This is going to be a series of short takes about our stay in Death Valley because we have no internet here at the bottom of the North American Continent. Read More »