2014: Out Like a Lion:

I have been known to briefly summarize the previous year. Emphasis on briefly. 2014 certainly went out like a lion here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. High temperature for the day was 41 degrees and windy with the overnight low at 37.7. I am not really complaining, mind you; but we spent a fair amount of time and money hauling our butts down here to be warm. I was prepping the coach for travel this morning with wool socks, long pants, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt and wooly vest. In the interest of brevity I will finish with the news that today is sunny and bright and the winds are calm. The snow looks just fine over on the mountains around Lake Havasu. Read More »

Dancing on Clouds:

We have completed a very challenging shakedown ride on the new tandem, Golanth, the bronze dragon. Here are the details: First we are now at L. L. Stub Stewart State Park near Vernonia, Oregon. This park is in the middle of the Banks Vernonia State Trail. It is in the coast range of mountains and has some severe hills to negotiate. Read More »

Catching Up:

Seems to me like I owe all of you a blog to finish the story about replacing the carpet and tile in the coach. June was a very busy month. We did indeed finish the remodeling project and there will be a gallery of photos on the web site. We then rushed up to L. L. “Stub” Stewart State Park to clean cabins for two weeks in late May. Read More »

Goodbye California, Hello Oregon:

I admit, I have been a little slack on the blogs recently. Not because of a lack of interesting topics, just so busy and yet we get nothing done. I don’t understand. California hasn’t been all that good to us this trip through. Yet we had some delightful times. We visited Lynn and Doug Johnson on our way up 101. Then on our way over the hills into Gilroy we started to develop an unusual vibration; especially when we started pulling hard on the hills. Judy was driving when it started to sink in that something was changing in the sound of the coach. Read More »

Building and Fixing:

This was the weekend for building things and fixing things.
Glen and I spent the day Sunday building a belt guard for the electric drive on Golanth, our new recumbent bicycle. We can ride it anytime as a true bicycle, and we have ridden a total of 84 miles since I completed it. As my friend Ed would put it, that works out to a tad over $68 a mile just for the cost of all the parts. Read More »

Golanth Flies!

Today was the big day, the unveiling of the new recumbent tandem bicycle, the Bronze Dragon, Golanth. His namesake is Golanth in the Dragon Riders of Pern series by Ann McCaffrey. This mythical flying, fire breathing dragon was ridden by F’lessan. They were good friends of Mirrim and her dragon, Path.
So this is the first time we have ridden the bicycle fully assembled and painted. I first rode solo to get the feel of the bicycle. It is quite lively and easy to steer compared to Path. Judy then joined my and we rode a couple miles around the North Ranch park near Congress, AZ. I then completely re arranged the seat placement and set Golanth up for Judy to be Captain. She soloed a few times, but I am afraid we pretty well wore ourselves out before we succeeded riding tandem with me stoking. We will try again soon, for that was the purpose of this exercise. Judy will become the Captain as my Parkinson’s becomes more pronounced in the future
Things are a poppin’ here. Today the new tandem ride, tomorrow I will visit one of my Neurologists, Dr. Habiger, in Sun City, West, (Phoenix.) I have another team I visit in Portland at OHSU.
Then Wednesday, Judy and I will celebrate forty eight years together. The weatherman is promising us a special treat that day. S**w. Yes s**w to celebrate our honeymoon in Minneapolis Minnesota and the minus 10 degree weather there. Why? You ask. Well I worked for the Northern Pacific and that was as far as they would take us for free. Made perfect sense at the time. Besides Minnehaha Falls was beautiful all frozen and piled up crystalline sculptures.
Take a look at the gallery of photos below and we will keep you posted on our progress.
Love to all,
The riders of the Bronze Dragon, Golanth.
Gary and Judy