Once Bit, Twice Shy:

I am not sure how to present this. Either we are getting wimpy in our old age, or we are finally getting smart. We are in the midst of our fall migration to the southern states. Read More »

Angel of Mercy

Judy and I went for a little walk after supper this evening. Our destination was the Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend’s “Down Town.” The route was just over a mile and a half. What we didn’t think about was the 230 foot high hill between nearly sea level at the park and nearly sea level at the marina. On the way back we were smarter, we ducked around the end of the hill on “F” street, but that made the return trip almost 2.5 miles, but that hill was only 117 ft. We reached the corner of “O” street and Cherry and were contemplating one last hill to climb, probably about 100 feet when an angel of mercy drove by in a State of Washington Rangers pickup. If we got her name right it is Elishia. She recognized us from the park and stopped to offer a ride back to our camp. It knocked about 7/8ths of a mile off our return trip.

San Diego Yawl, Pacifica

San Diego Yawl, Pacifica

The photo is a San Diego yacht, the “Pacifica,” about 50 ft long and it appears to be a yawl. The wheel is definitely ahead of the mizzen mast and it appears the rudder must be ahead of the mizzen also, the defining characteristic of a yawl. I am speculating that we will see this boat in the Classic Mariners Regatta starting June 5th. First race is noon on the 6th.

We’re Having a Wild Spring:

Judy and I agreed to take over a vacant position at the Port Orford Lifesaving Service/Coast Guard Station Museum for most of the month of April. Read More »

February 20, 1965: Fifty Years Together:

On June 20, 1964 I kind of kicked off a series of events that have brought Judy and I to this point in our life together. This is our Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. To celebrate this event I polished up an old song by Hank Snow called “With this Ring I Thee Wed.” It was just the song I needed at the time. I was somewhat nervous and timid, but if I could sing it in a song, I could get my message across. At the time I was working for the Northern Pacific Railroad. To pass the time, I spent many hours hiking and playing my guitar. The main thing on my mind was this enchanting young lady, Judith Starr, who lived in Spokane, Washington. Read More »

2014: Out Like a Lion:

I have been known to briefly summarize the previous year. Emphasis on briefly. 2014 certainly went out like a lion here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. High temperature for the day was 41 degrees and windy with the overnight low at 37.7. I am not really complaining, mind you; but we spent a fair amount of time and money hauling our butts down here to be warm. I was prepping the coach for travel this morning with wool socks, long pants, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt and wooly vest. In the interest of brevity I will finish with the news that today is sunny and bright and the winds are calm. The snow looks just fine over on the mountains around Lake Havasu. Read More »

Goodbye California, Hello Oregon:

I admit, I have been a little slack on the blogs recently. Not because of a lack of interesting topics, just so busy and yet we get nothing done. I don’t understand. California hasn’t been all that good to us this trip through. Yet we had some delightful times. We visited Lynn and Doug Johnson on our way up 101. Then on our way over the hills into Gilroy we started to develop an unusual vibration; especially when we started pulling hard on the hills. Judy was driving when it started to sink in that something was changing in the sound of the coach. Read More »

An Interesting Day

In fact it has been an interesting week. OPRD, (Oregon Parks and Recreation Department,) let Judy and I go through their Interpretive program where they taught us to create those interesting talks that Rangers and Volunteers give to visitors at the Oregon parks. It will make our volunteer job more interesting because we will be doing something we have always enjoyed, talking with other visitors to the parks we stay at. The training was held at Canby Grove right on the Molalla River in Canby Oregon. Read More »

Oshkosh Fly-In:

Bleriot XI

Breriot XI bis, First US Air Mail, 1911

Judy and I just today left Oshkosh, Wisconsin and the EAA Air Venture fly-in. We spent nearly two weeks camping right at the airport, (Whitman Regional,) and got to be up close and personal with about every aircraft you can imagine. We walked around under the new Boing 787 Dreamliner, and studied a flying replica of the 1911 Bleriot XI that delivered the first sack of air mail on September 23, 1911. By the way Lewis Bleriot flew the original model of this aircraft across the English Channel on July 25, 1909, and claimed the 1,000 Pound prize for the first channel crossing.
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I woke up this morning with the first phrase of Oklahoma spinning through my mind. I searched the net and came up with the real words. Here is a quote of the first verse.

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain
And the wavin’ wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.
Oklahoma, Ev’ry night my honey lamb and I
Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk
Makin’ lazy circles in the sky.

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Catch Up:

The past ten days have been both exciting and hectic: Exciting in that we are exploring a completely new part of the country: Hectic because a couple things have quit working. Read More »