A Step Up

We have settled into Fort Yamhill State Heritage Site once again. We were here in 2013, and 2014 also. This park is about 20 miles west of Salem on highway 22 in the Grand Ronde valley. Once again Dr Dave Brauner and his archeology students from Oregon State University will be here looking for the history of this place. Read More »

We’re Having a Wild Spring:

Judy and I agreed to take over a vacant position at the Port Orford Lifesaving Service/Coast Guard Station Museum for most of the month of April. Read More »

Company Comin’:

It is August and we are in our last month as Camp Hosts at Yamhill State Heritage Site this year. Several of our friends have already stopped by on their way back from the annual Church Campout. Everything went very well. We had just enough parking space for their RV’s and everyone got to tour the archeological digs that are going on. A couple of friends have over-nighted on our couch, and friends with RV’s can over night at the Spirit Mountain Casino. Of course you are on your own with your new Coyote Card. Read More »


I am declaring a contest. This will be to celebrate the completion of Golanth, the Bronze Dragon. He is a recumbent tandem bicycle. We are daily getting him outfitted and ready for serious riding. I mounted a new bicycle computer on his stem today. And a new blindingly bright flashing tail-light on his butt. While we were downtown Portland today visiting my Neurologist for my Parkinsonism, we went over to the east side and ordered a new set of panniers custom built just for Golanth. Read More »

Honor The Flag

Today, as part of our volunteer duties here at Fort Yamhill State Heritage Area, we greeted sixteen visitors. With the visitors help we raised and lowered the flag six times today. Each time we told them about the history of our special 31 star flag. It represents the US Flag that was in use when the US Army Fourth Infantry built Fort Yamhill on this hillside overlooking the Grand Ronde Valley. Each time I played the bugle and demonstrated the bugle calls appropriate to that moment in history in 1856. California had just become a state in 1851, Oregon wouldn’t become a state for three more years in 1859. Fort Yamhill was a frontier fort set between the natives and the settlers trying to keep the peace. Read More »

An Interesting Day

In fact it has been an interesting week. OPRD, (Oregon Parks and Recreation Department,) let Judy and I go through their Interpretive program where they taught us to create those interesting talks that Rangers and Volunteers give to visitors at the Oregon parks. It will make our volunteer job more interesting because we will be doing something we have always enjoyed, talking with other visitors to the parks we stay at. The training was held at Canby Grove right on the Molalla River in Canby Oregon. Read More »

Step Back in Time:

Welcome to historic Fort Yamhill State Heritage Area! As Judy and I set out on our latest adventure, we invite you to come along. Read More »

My New Skills:

Today I studied at a new skill set. When we back the coach and the trailer into a camp site, one of us drives the coach and the other acts a ground control. Ground control is a very important position. This person is responsible for keeping track of the big picture. He or she guides the rig back into the selected site making sure there is no interference with tree branches, boulders and posts. They must also guard against jack—knifing the rig and scratching the paint and smashing the clearance lights. Read More »

Tourist Destinations:

Yes, we often show up in odd ball destinations like Wickenburg, AZ, visiting obscure attractions like the “Jail Tree.” This week, however, we set our sights on a top tourist destination, Mackinac Island in the Mackinac Straits between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in upper Michigan. By the way up here it is pronounced “Mackinaw,” the “c” at the end of the word is silent. The name is a shortening of the original Indian name Michilimackinac which means “place of the great turtle.” Read More »

The Attic:

Here we were drifting around the nation’s rust belt, Detroit and Dearborn Michigan, when we stumbled into America’s attic. Maybe not exactly stumbled, more like encouraged by long time friends Jim and MaryKay and their daughter Kati and hubby JT. We arranged a rendezvous in Tipp City, Ohio and enjoyed a long visit. Read More »