Playing Sawmill:

Traveling around the way we do you never know when an opportunity is going to step up and smack you in the solar plexus. Here I am at sister Holly’s lakeside home sitting around like it is Margaritaville. We are swimming and having a great time when my Nephew, Carl Morgan, asks if I want to come over and play with him on his portable sawmill. Now beings the only productive thing I have done all week is wash the coach and trailer, I said “sure, why not.”

Now Carl marches to a different drummer than most. He guides white water rafts on the Wenatchee and Skykomish rivers. He is building a house for his family. Once before I said sure and I spent the day running a Bobcat Digger. You can check out these stories at [Life is a Journey] and [Horse Feathers and River Rats]

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Ontario on the Fly

We always thought Montana was a big state to cross. It takes a three hard days of driving to do it. We just finished six hard days of driving to cross Ontario Canada and we have another day to go. Our average drive has been 240 miles. Yes, I know, I have said that we didn’t want to go that fast. We would only go a couple hundred miles and then rest a day and see the sights, Well I guess after you have seen about 500 beautiful sky blue lakes and been bit by 400,000 mosquitoes you start to feel like “been there, done that.” Read More »

When It’s Springtime In the Rockies:

It is raining every day… Well we did manage to sneak in a 10 km walk between rain showers today in Lake Louise.

Today we experienced one of life’s ironies. As we exited Trans Canada highway number 1 in Lake Louise we anticipated driving to the lake itself. We came to a four way intersection and found a billboard sized sign the warned that big rigs wouldn’t like the extreme alpine road conditions ahead. Read More »

North of the Border:

Our border crossing was a total anti-climax to all of the dire predictions people like to shower on us. We did take the precaution of registering the serial numbers of all our tools, computers and cameras with the US Customs. Read More »

Learning New Tricks:

Back in a previous life Judy and I used to be trout fisher-persons. This is like when we were first married. In our youth we were taught to fish the cold water lakes of north eastern Washington State by our parents. Read More »

Winthrop Washington:

We have to be in one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of the country. We are camped at Pearrygin Lake State Park, about three miles outside of Winthrop Washington. Today we drove over Washington Pass, (aka. North Cascades Pass.) Read More »

To Infinity and Beyond!

Well we did it, the Disneyland Family Vacation. Three full days of standing in line interspersed with moments of exhilarating adventure. But what can I tell you about Disneyland. It is a place you have to do for yourself along with millions of other people. Read More »

Dust and Mosquitoes:

We spent the last week on a lake near Yuma Arizona on the Colorado River called Mittry Lake. The living was easy, the rent was cheap, (free) and we made a whole passel of new friends. Read More »

Forty Year Pyrotechnic Celebration:

Today, February 20, 2005, Judy and I celebrate forty years together. Last night we celebrated by going to the Western Pyrotechnic Convention Fireworks Show. Read More »

Sunshine and Wildflowers:

The rain-gods are being nice to us these days. There have been some rain squalls and one very loud thunderstorm since we arrived here in Lake Havasu City Arizona. It has still been nice, because the rain has been happening at night and then the sun comes out and the temperature is right back up to 65 or so by the afternoon. We have been riding the tandem all over town. Read More »