2014: Out Like a Lion:

I have been known to briefly summarize the previous year. Emphasis on briefly. 2014 certainly went out like a lion here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. High temperature for the day was 41 degrees and windy with the overnight low at 37.7. I am not really complaining, mind you; but we spent a fair amount of time and money hauling our butts down here to be warm. I was prepping the coach for travel this morning with wool socks, long pants, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt and wooly vest. In the interest of brevity I will finish with the news that today is sunny and bright and the winds are calm. The snow looks just fine over on the mountains around Lake Havasu. Read More »

Charlotte’s Web:

Up until now we have stubbornly refused to have a pet. We adore our friends’ dogs and cats. We even keep a bag of doggie treats in the front window so we can run out and pet their dogs as they walk them. One, it is a great way to meet people, and two, we don’t have to get up with them at 5:30 to go on the morning walk. Read More »

Arizona in the Spring

It is springtime in the Mohave Desert here in Southwest Arizona. We have been hanging out and enjoying the warm weather and flowering desert for the past two weeks. We are currently in Lake Havasu City again for the third time this season. The difference this time is the Snow Birds are migrating north and the college kids are whooping it up on spring break. There is a steady stream of big, expensive, high powered boats roaring in front of our camp. At least some of these boats take high octane racing fuel. The service stations serve it up for $7.50 a gallon. What recession? Read More »

Afton Canyon:

The Mojave National Preserve is a huge area of pristine desert landscape in south eastern California. My blog on Mitchell Caverns and Hole-in-the-Wall covers our first trip there. We expanded on that trip over the past two days by visiting Kelso Depot. We intended to camp in a primitive campsite alongside the Kelbaker road that crosses the Preserve from south to north from Interstate 40 at exit 78, to Interstate 15 at Baker, CA. The road tops 3000 feet on both sides of Kelso and for a time exceeds 4000 feet elevation. For comparison both I-40 and I-15 pass through this area at about 1000 feet.

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Mitchell Caverns:

Today we joined some friends and toured Mitchell Caverns and the Mojave National Preserve a little east of Needles California. Ed and Sarah are good friends from Portland Oregon. They have traveled to the area to visit Ed’s sister Jo, for Thanksgiving and they all came to Needles to meet with us and do a little spelunking. We drove up onto the Providence Mountains in time to catch the 10 am tour through the Tecopa and El Pakiva caves.

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As you might have guessed we lead a somewhat nomadic style of life. We are continually looking for new, suitable campgrounds to stay at. The operative terms are new and suitable.

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Red Rock

We have to brag about our National Parks. They are spectacular! In southern Utah there are some real gems. We have just finished exploring Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. I know you have seen photos of Landscape Arch, (Our version is below) You hike up the real thing; you must contemplate how unlikely it is for such a structure to develop, and yet there it is; spanning over three hundred feet and barely six foot thick at the apex. We hiked four miles round trip to see it. Along the way we were watched over by huge monoliths towering several hundred feet above us on both sides. It is easy to feel small and insignificant.

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A Day in the Desert

We are back in the Sonoran Desert in the Southwest again. This is called the low desert as opposed to the high desert, the Mohave Desert, just north of here. Just to make this perfectly clear, Death Valley at minus 282 feet is part of the “high desert.” The low desert is also the hotter desert but once again Death Valley sets the records in this department. Now today we are in the boondockers mecca, Quartzite, and we are camped right out in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. They figure something like a million people take advantage of the free BLM camping around Quartzite. Read More »