Flat Tire in Oceana:

Today was our second day out of Arizona. We arrived in Oceano, part of the so called five cities that includes Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and perhaps Nipomo and San Louis Obispo.When we started to make our port of call at the five cities Elks lodge we missed the entrance and wound up in a residential neighborhood. Before extracting our selves we developed a puncture in the left front tire. Cesar came to our rescue and patched the tire. Here is an action photo right here on our blog. Read More »

We’re Having a Wild Spring:

Judy and I agreed to take over a vacant position at the Port Orford Lifesaving Service/Coast Guard Station Museum for most of the month of April. Read More »

Cabin Fever:

I have begun to develop a couple of hypotheses of what is happening to the sunshine that we are so feverishly chasing. Read More »

Birder’s Paradise.

Judy and I returned to Bodega Bay after seeing Ed and Sarah off. As usual I worked out my route in detail using Topo USA by DeLorme, hooked up to my GPS. I sincerely dislike “surprises” like dead end roads, so I plan carefully. Read More »

Wine Country Explorations:

Gary and Judy drove North and Ed and Sarah drove West and we all met in Healdsberg in Sonoma County California. We both started out independently. Gary and Judy braving the traffic on I-808 through the heart of the East Bay from San Jose through Oakland and San Rafael to get to 101. Ed and Sarah running the I-80 gauntlet through Napa and Sonoma. Read More »