Building and Fixing:

This was the weekend for building things and fixing things.
Glen and I spent the day Sunday building a belt guard for the electric drive on Golanth, our new recumbent bicycle. We can ride it anytime as a true bicycle, and we have ridden a total of 84 miles since I completed it. As my friend Ed would put it, that works out to a tad over $68 a mile just for the cost of all the parts. Read More »

Golanth Flies!

Today was the big day, the unveiling of the new recumbent tandem bicycle, the Bronze Dragon, Golanth. His namesake is Golanth in the Dragon Riders of Pern series by Ann McCaffrey. This mythical flying, fire breathing dragon was ridden by F’lessan. They were good friends of Mirrim and her dragon, Path.
So this is the first time we have ridden the bicycle fully assembled and painted. I first rode solo to get the feel of the bicycle. It is quite lively and easy to steer compared to Path. Judy then joined my and we rode a couple miles around the North Ranch park near Congress, AZ. I then completely re arranged the seat placement and set Golanth up for Judy to be Captain. She soloed a few times, but I am afraid we pretty well wore ourselves out before we succeeded riding tandem with me stoking. We will try again soon, for that was the purpose of this exercise. Judy will become the Captain as my Parkinson’s becomes more pronounced in the future
Things are a poppin’ here. Today the new tandem ride, tomorrow I will visit one of my Neurologists, Dr. Habiger, in Sun City, West, (Phoenix.) I have another team I visit in Portland at OHSU.
Then Wednesday, Judy and I will celebrate forty eight years together. The weatherman is promising us a special treat that day. S**w. Yes s**w to celebrate our honeymoon in Minneapolis Minnesota and the minus 10 degree weather there. Why? You ask. Well I worked for the Northern Pacific and that was as far as they would take us for free. Made perfect sense at the time. Besides Minnehaha Falls was beautiful all frozen and piled up crystalline sculptures.
Take a look at the gallery of photos below and we will keep you posted on our progress.
Love to all,
The riders of the Bronze Dragon, Golanth.
Gary and Judy

Tandem Progress:

I have had many interruptions over the summer that stalled the work on the new tandem. Problems developed in two areas. First the hydraulic brake line for the rear wheel was too short. The tubing is very exclusive and very expensive. Also the replacement pieces seemed to come only in the same length as the one I had. I enlisted the aid of long time friend and bicycle “wrench” extraordinaire, Ray Scholl, and he directed me to Universal Cycles in Portland. I found just what I needed there. Read More »

Tandem Migration:

It is not what you think. We are not riding the tandem bicycle south for the winter. This year for the first time we are taking our Honda Civic, “Little Blue,” south with us. Since I still insist on taking my trailer with my shop along, that means Judy has to drive the Honda in tandem with the coach. Read More »

Tandem Milestone:

Today I finally was able to install the key assembly in the power train for the new tandem. This assembly is a jack shaft that allows the blending of power from the rider and the auxiliary electric motor. That is the rider can power the wheel with no auxiliary power. The auxiliary motor can power the wheel and the rider can coast. Finally both can power the wheel at the same time.
At the same time the shaft itself functions as the pivot for the rear wheel suspension. This is good because the chains don’t vary in length as the suspension flexes. Read More »

Tourist Destinations:

Yes, we often show up in odd ball destinations like Wickenburg, AZ, visiting obscure attractions like the “Jail Tree.” This week, however, we set our sights on a top tourist destination, Mackinac Island in the Mackinac Straits between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in upper Michigan. By the way up here it is pronounced “Mackinaw,” the “c” at the end of the word is silent. The name is a shortening of the original Indian name Michilimackinac which means “place of the great turtle.” Read More »

Trial Fit:

Today I reached a significant milestone in the design and construction of the new bicycle. I put the major components together this afternoon for a trial fit. There is a photograph of the new bicycle on the blog. The components are the wheels with tires, the front fork, the main frame with a small front sub frame and the rear suspension frame its Fox Vanilla Shock and one seat. Read More »

Rage Over a Lost Penny

I guess I know about how Beethoven felt when he wrote the piano rondo, (“Rondo alla ingharese quasi un capriccio in G major, Op. 129”, better known as “Rage over a Lost Penny”.) I have been making little doo-dahs for the new bicycle. I needed a dozen or so braze-on binder bosses and a dozen or so water bottle bosses. What I have been doing on the cold mornings is to get in my trailer with the electric heater. I set up the Smithy Lathe with a steel rod and start turning out bosses. Today I was finishing up some water bottle bosses. They are three eights of an inch in diameter necked down to nine thirty-seconds. They are about five sixteenths of an inch long and are drilled and tapped for a five millimeter bolt. I whack it off with the hack saw and dress it up a bit with a file. It takes me about fifteen minutes to create each one. Read More »

Something New

In six years of travels we have never leased a lot for a whole month and stayed put. Oh yes we have stayed in one area for a month or longer, but always in places that limited our stay. We would have to move every couple weeks to go to the dump station, or to reset the clock. These locations always are close to our children’s families homes in Hillsboro, OR or Gilroy, CA. Read More »

Flying Again

After eighteen days on “Shank’s Mare,” we are once again flying down the road on “Path,” our recumbent tandem bicycle. Read More »