Arcturus’ Travels

We have launched a new version of our Blog using a powerful blog engine called WordPress. My son, Glen, was both the inspiration and the support team as I did the keyboard entries. Ignition was the evening of December 17th and lift-off came on Saturday morning the 18th.

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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Little things are always failing in our home. This time it was the CD changer in our music system. The changer suddenly became spastic and would continually shuffle one disk in and out of the player. I couldn’t get it to eject the eight CD clip to retrieve my CD’s. Read More »


We are here in Gilroy California observing old family traditions with our son, Glen and his family, Barb, Cody, Patrick, Bryce and now Lizy, Smellfish, Marlin, Sunny and Chocolaté. Yes the turkey is in the oven. The gals will be “slaving over a hot stove all day” to bring us two kinds of dressing, sweet potatoes, home stewed cranberry sauce, three kinds of pie and all of the trimmings. Read More »

The Murphy Factor:

Well we are still seeing lots of neat new places and doing fun things, but we have a hitch-hiker along. His name is Murphy. Now I won’t go into detail for I don’t want to sound like a whiner but here are some of the things that Murphy has had his fingers in…

We have spent the last couple days visiting Ricky Lord’s Computer Repair Service in Calais Maine. Our Laptop Computer caught a virus and wasn’t feeling very well. You could punch his go button and he would make a brave attempt to get up, sniffle a couple times and go back to bed. Ricky finally identified the critter, a Trojan called Dropper.32.delf. It had been lying dormant since October of 2004 and woke up on September 16, 2005. This virus took over ownership of our computer, assigned its own password and wouldn’t let anyone start up or change the computer. Thanks for the help Ricky.

This took several trips in the motor home to Calais Maine where Ricky has his shop; a fellow camper came up and pointed out that the cover door over our hot water heater was missing after one of these trips. He took a ride on his Harley later in the afternoon and retraced our route to Calais and he did find our cover door…it had been run over…repeatedly. A couple hours with a ball peen hammer and a bumping steel and the door fits again. It ain’t pretty but it is functional.

But wait, that is not enough. When I went to start up my newly remodeled computer I was missing my power supply. A call to Ricky confirmed my fears. It was 30 miles back up the road in Calais Maine. We are starting to feel like commuters.

What next; how about the bedroom curtain jumping its track. Now we are experts at removing the window treatments and putting them back together.

Through all of that we have continued our travels. We exited Canada on Monday, September 18th. We crossed over from St. Stephen, New Brunswick to Calais Maine. Along the way we ate our way through the Ganong Chocolate Museum, filled up with cheap(er) Diesel in the USA and restocked our totally depleted supply of vegetables and fruits. We have been riding Path, our faithful Tandem Bicycle, daily and are starting to get back in shape after doing without the bicycle for so long. We rode out to West Quoddy Head Light House today. This cape is the most easterly point in the United States, and it has a very pretty red and white striped light house on it. Tomorrow we plan to do about a 20 mile ride on Campobello Island which is back in New Brunswick. To get there from Canada they have to take a series of ferries. Here in Lubek Maine there is a short International bridge to the island. It is famous for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s summer home. They tell us we can walk out to the light house on the far end if this island also, but the tide needs to be out to do it. These are still Bay of Fundy tides so there should be lots of semi-dry ocean floor to walk on.

Well it is time to say good bye and send along our love to all.

Gary and Judy

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Easternmost Point in the USA