The sailing adventures of the crew of the Montana Sapphire.

“Just sit right back
And you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip,
That started from this Northwest port,
Aboard this tiny ship.”

The short version of the story is: We picked up the Montana Sapphire, a 38 foot Hans Christian sailboat in Anacortes at Skyline Harbor. We cruised through the San Juan Islands and up into the Canadian Gulf Islands. We had a delightful time and returned to Anacortes on a much larger vessel, the Washington State Ferry.
Somewhere in there is… “the rest of the story.”
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True Blue:

Well at least a true blue bottom. Glen has the vision of mooring Regal Jug at Moss Landing over on Monterey Bay. The bottom paint that I put on Regal about 23 years ago was mostly gone.
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The Great Sailing Adventure – Epilog:

As I think back over the past 12 days I have to wonder: What should you expect when you take a family of seven people and cram them into a smallish 40 foot boat for nearly two weeks? A “National Lampoon” style family vacation with big ugly old land yacht? A “Captain Ron” style sea cruise with pirates chasing us? Perhaps a Robin Williams style RV movie with a disaster at every corner where the RV, (boat,) winds up perched precariously on a rock. Of course not! Read More »

The Great Sailing Adventure – The New Skipper:

Today dawned bright and clear in Tsehum Harbor. (Go ahead, pronounce it!) There wasn’t a hint of breeze, however. Not a problem, we will motor until the breeze sets in. Meanwhile we will look for opportunities to practice landings. We were looking for a nice piece of driftwood to act as a surrogate for a dock. Well we finally settled on a rather wimpy stalk of floating kelp. Read More »

The Great Sailing Adventure – Sailing:

What a beautiful day. Under way from Clam Bay, Thetis Island by 9:30 and under sail by 10:00. We were able to sail almost continuously for the whole 23 nautical miles and nine wonderful hours. The breezes were perfect at about 10 knots and only failed us briefly near the end of Athol Peninsula on Saltspring Island. Read More »

The Great Sailing Adventure – Anticipation:

From the annuls of this blog you have learned that Judy and I gave “Regal Jug,” our much loved and pampered Aquarius 23, sailboat, to our son and his family in Gilroy California. Right from the start I was afraid this would happen… Glen has come down with a severe case of sailing fever. In fact I look at the posts on Barb’s Facebook page and I see all the symptoms in his face. Nervous glances into the rigging to see if he can wring a couple tenths of a knot more speed out of the boat by twitching a sheet just a bit. Checking the telltales to be sure he is not luffing or stalling the sails. Checking the want ads for a boat that is just about two feet longer, (classic case of two-foot-itus.) I should know, I had the same disease for years. It has been more or less dormant since we got the motor home, but I have suspected all along… I am a carrier Read More »

The Sailboat Race:

We have a hypothesis that goes like this; “If you place two sailboats in the same body of water, add some wind and stir, a sailboat race will break out.”

Today we tested that hypothesis and indeed when Regal Jug, crewed by Gary and Judy found themselves close to the Cat Dancing, crewed by Sue and Phil Owen, winds were brisk and indeed a full blown race broke out. Read More »

Paradise in Washington State:

We are just closing the second chapter of our retirement journey. Chapter one was the tent camping trip to Illinois. Chapter two was six weeks in the San Juan Islands in our small “Pocket Cruiser” a 23 foot Aquarius Sailboat. Read More »

Traveling by Sailboat

September 2004

The Gateway to the San Juan Islands is Anacortes Washington

With the help of our Son, Glen, we towed the Regal Jug to Anacortes and launched at Cap Sante.

Week of August 1 through 6 has been spent in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. We camped on the sail boat, and our Son, Glen and his family joined us in their tent on land nearby. We spent the week day sailing to local destinations like Friday Harbor, Roach Harbor and Sucia Island. Read More »

Classic Air-Sea and Land Fly-in at Roache Harbor.

We had a great time at the Classic Air-Sea and Land Fly-in at Roache Harbor. There were a few classic aircraft at the little airport right there at the resort. Read More »