We Never Drive in Snow:

Well almost never!
We spent the day relocating from Sisters Oregon on the East side of the Cascade Mountains to Detroit Lake near Salem on the west flank of the Cascade Mountains. We are meeting our daughter, Renee and Neil and their daughters Georgia and Mathilda. We drove over US 20 to Sweet Home. It crosses Santiam Pass at 4751 feet. It was raining hard as we approached the pass. Then suddenly it was snow. Read More »

The Ugly Duckling:

It’s done: It ain’t pretty: It works!
O.K. What am I carrying on about? Each week I seem to be able to get another little project off my punch list toward finishing the new bicycle. This week it was a battery eliminator circuit, (BEC) to power the electronic speed control, (ESC) for the electric assist drive on Golanth, our new bicycle. The BEC was designed with the help of Neil, my Son-In-Law, and is really a dual voltage battery eliminator. I needed 4.8 volts for the speed controller and I also need 3 volts to power the microprocessor and the thumb throttle. Read More »

The Great Sailing Adventure – Sailing:

What a beautiful day. Under way from Clam Bay, Thetis Island by 9:30 and under sail by 10:00. We were able to sail almost continuously for the whole 23 nautical miles and nine wonderful hours. The breezes were perfect at about 10 knots and only failed us briefly near the end of Athol Peninsula on Saltspring Island. Read More »

Sedona-Three Tales

Yesterday we chose to drive Renee’s rental car to Sedona and back, a trip of about 250 miles. Our plan was to get an early start, take the scenic route and have lunch in Sedona. Return via Interstate 17 and Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle National Monuments. Here is the story of the trip from three different points of view. Read More »

I-5 South

We are headed for a Family Motor Coach Rally in Indeo California this week. As much as I boast that we take the slower senic route, today we made an exception and turned onto I-5 Southbound. We were cruising along watching the press of cars about us. Perhaps a half hour into our drive a pair of Alpine coaches just like ours merged into traffic just ahead of us. For an hour and a half we followed in their wake. They were going exactly the speed I prefer to go so we just tagged along. Read More »

The Creole Trail:

We finally moved on to Texas today. Now we could have hopped on I-10 in Lake Charles and about 70 miles later we would have been in Beaumont Texas looking for our exit to Village Creek State Park. Our philosophy, however, is to avoid Interstates if at all possible. Another philosophy is if something is a little out of the way while we are way over here, go ahead and take the side trip. It would be a whole lot further to come all the way back just to see that one thing.

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Natchez Trace, Then and Now:

For four days now we have been traveling the Natchez Trace, a trail that served the “Old Southwest” from about 1775 to 1820 or so. It was declared a National Post Road in 1800 and many improvements were made to it by the US Army and civilian contractors. With the coming of the steam paddlewheel river boats on the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers the Natchez Trace fell into disuse and slowly melted back into the undergrowth.

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We’re Back!

We crossed back into “The Lower 48” on Tuesday August 21st at Sumas Washington. I thought I would bore you with some statistics about our trip. Read More »

The Columbia Gorge:

We spent the day exploring the scenic Columbia Gorge with my two sisters today. Sister Holly drove over from Newman Lake in Eastern Wasington. Sister Cher joined us from Scappoose. Gary, Judy, Cher and Holly visited several of the spectacular water falls in the gorge and we hiked to the vista points on most of them. Read More »

California Coast:

After a week packed like sardines in the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico we are once again on the road. For the next couple weeks we will be traveling with our friends from Washington, Henry and Judy Lahore. Read More »