Rage Over a Lost Penny

I guess I know about how Beethoven felt when he wrote the piano rondo, (“Rondo alla ingharese quasi un capriccio in G major, Op. 129”, better known as “Rage over a Lost Penny”.) I have been making little doo-dahs for the new bicycle. I needed a dozen or so braze-on binder bosses and a dozen or so water bottle bosses. What I have been doing on the cold mornings is to get in my trailer with the electric heater. I set up the Smithy Lathe with a steel rod and start turning out bosses. Today I was finishing up some water bottle bosses. They are three eights of an inch in diameter necked down to nine thirty-seconds. They are about five sixteenths of an inch long and are drilled and tapped for a five millimeter bolt. I whack it off with the hack saw and dress it up a bit with a file. It takes me about fifteen minutes to create each one. Read More »

Flying Again

After eighteen days on “Shank’s Mare,” we are once again flying down the road on “Path,” our recumbent tandem bicycle. Read More »

On Vacation

How can you take a vacation from a full time vacation of traveling around our great nation? Read More »

Desert Luxury:

We have gone from the luxury of the Family Motor Home Rally in Indeo, California along with 1,300 coaches; to the Bluegrass Festival in Blythe, California with perhaps 500 families; and now to the desert of Quartzsite, Arizona with about 100 Alpine Motor Homes just like ours. In each location we have met with old friends and made some new friends. Read More »

Sum Total:

Have you ever thought about what makes up your personality? I have to believe that it is the sum total of the experiences you have had to date in your lifetime. These, of course, are filtered through your senses, and tempered by your own reaction to them. Read More »

A Day in the Desert

We are back in the Sonoran Desert in the Southwest again. This is called the low desert as opposed to the high desert, the Mohave Desert, just north of here. Just to make this perfectly clear, Death Valley at minus 282 feet is part of the “high desert.” The low desert is also the hotter desert but once again Death Valley sets the records in this department. Now today we are in the boondockers mecca, Quartzite, and we are camped right out in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. They figure something like a million people take advantage of the free BLM camping around Quartzite. Read More »

Full Timing Friends:

By now you all know that Judy and I are what are known as “Full Timers.” That simply means that we no longer have a home tied to a piece of real estate. It means that “Home is where we park it.” Often that is a State Campground or a National Park or a Corps of Engineers park. Occasionally it is in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart store, or it might be like tonight, a handy piece of desert near Quartzsite Arizona on BLM land with lots of other Alpine Coach owners. Read More »

The Vulture:

This blog is brought to you by Peggy, Ray, Judy and Gary. We have traveled to the western middle part of Arizona to Wickenberg and joined up with Peggy and Ray Derrick. This is the story of our visit to the historic Vulture Gold Mine near Wickenberg Arizona. Read More »

Who Am I?

This is a story that we wrote for Cody, Patrick and Bryce, our grandsons. We thought that you all might enjoy it also.

Who Am I? Read More »

Wilderness and In Between

It is nice to visit the fancy resort campgrounds, and chum around with all of the super friendly Escapee Members….but! There is one thing that Judy and I agree on, it is just so neat to get out in the wilds in a small state, county or federal campground. For the next two days we will be in the Pima County, Tucson Mountain Park in the Gilbert Ray Campground. Read More »