The Columbia Gorge:

We spent the day exploring the scenic Columbia Gorge with my two sisters today. Sister Holly drove over from Newman Lake in Eastern Wasington. Sister Cher joined us from Scappoose. Gary, Judy, Cher and Holly visited several of the spectacular water falls in the gorge and we hiked to the vista points on most of them. Read More »

Allegheny Mountains:

We are really getting to see the fall colors here in the Allegheny National Forest Region in north western corner of Pennsylvania. The weather is still dripping on us but we are still enjoying ourselves. Read More »

Duct Tape and Crazy Glue:

One thing for sure, life is what happens while you are planning something else. We dealt ourselves a very long day today. We drove from the Camping World parking lot in Amsterdam NY all the way to Niagara Falls, NY. That’s 277 miles and it took us 6 hours and 45 minutes of driving. That works out to an average speed of 41 miles per hour. We could probably have averaged 51 mph if we had paid the $35 to drive on the New York Throughway and we would have saved an hour.

We would have also missed an adventure by taking the Throughway. We routed ourselves across Highway 5S then down Highway 13 to visit Chittenango Falls. They were absolutely stunning. Photo below. The rest of the adventure was getting in and out of the parking lot at the state park. We had at least six inches on either side of the coach coming in. and no wiggle room to get under a low hanging tree. Yep. We wiped out the cover to the refrigerator vent this time. Judy walked back and retrieved the pieces and this evening we got out the Duct Tape and the Crazy Glue to put it back together. Red Green would be proud of our job too! We have another Camping World on the radar, and we should be able to replace it with a perfectly good one soon.

By the way the reason we were at Camping World in Amsterdam was to buy a new door for the water heater. It blew off a few weeks back and got accordion pleated by the traffic before we could retrieve it. See the story called “The Murphy Factor” on September 22, 2005. (under construction, link to come later)

Tomorrow we are going to “Do Niagara Falls.” The weather is predicted to be yucky all week, so we might even spring for the Tour Bus. Our plans originally called for riding Path, our trusty tandem bicycle, across Rainbow Bridge and view the falls from the Canadian side. Then ride the bicycle path along the river for a ways. Riding the bus is almost like compromising your scruples. Tune in tomorrow and find out. Will Gary and Judy take the bus? Will Path, the green dragon, suffer anguish from being abandoned for the bus and “go between” never to be seen again? (You have to read Ann McCaffery to understand that one.) Will two more rolls of Duct Tape be enough, or should we get three?

Bye now from Niagara Falls as we finally get around to taking the all American Honeymoon.

Love from Gary and Judy.

Chittenango Falls

Chittenango Falls Near Syracuse NY

Gary and the Refrigerator Cover

Duct Tape and Crazy Glue Patch Up Job

What’s so fascinating about a big hole in the ground?

We made it over the hills to Springdale Utah right at the entrance to Zion National Park. We spent three days there and finally got to ride up to the end of the canyon. It was about ten miles and 300 ft of elevation gain, so it really wasn’t a bad ride. Read More »