Spring Break at Wings of History

We are just now leaving the Wings of History compound heading for the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We spent 10 days camped inside our private gated community, so to speak. Here are some of the activities we enjoyed. Read More »

Dancing on Clouds:

We have completed a very challenging shakedown ride on the new tandem, Golanth, the bronze dragon. Here are the details: First we are now at L. L. Stub Stewart State Park near Vernonia, Oregon. This park is in the middle of the Banks Vernonia State Trail. It is in the coast range of mountains and has some severe hills to negotiate. Read More »

Golanth Flies!

Today was the big day, the unveiling of the new recumbent tandem bicycle, the Bronze Dragon, Golanth. His namesake is Golanth in the Dragon Riders of Pern series by Ann McCaffrey. This mythical flying, fire breathing dragon was ridden by F’lessan. They were good friends of Mirrim and her dragon, Path.
So this is the first time we have ridden the bicycle fully assembled and painted. I first rode solo to get the feel of the bicycle. It is quite lively and easy to steer compared to Path. Judy then joined my and we rode a couple miles around the North Ranch park near Congress, AZ. I then completely re arranged the seat placement and set Golanth up for Judy to be Captain. She soloed a few times, but I am afraid we pretty well wore ourselves out before we succeeded riding tandem with me stoking. We will try again soon, for that was the purpose of this exercise. Judy will become the Captain as my Parkinson’s becomes more pronounced in the future
Things are a poppin’ here. Today the new tandem ride, tomorrow I will visit one of my Neurologists, Dr. Habiger, in Sun City, West, (Phoenix.) I have another team I visit in Portland at OHSU.
Then Wednesday, Judy and I will celebrate forty eight years together. The weatherman is promising us a special treat that day. S**w. Yes s**w to celebrate our honeymoon in Minneapolis Minnesota and the minus 10 degree weather there. Why? You ask. Well I worked for the Northern Pacific and that was as far as they would take us for free. Made perfect sense at the time. Besides Minnehaha Falls was beautiful all frozen and piled up crystalline sculptures.
Take a look at the gallery of photos below and we will keep you posted on our progress.
Love to all,
The riders of the Bronze Dragon, Golanth.
Gary and Judy

Rage Over a Lost Penny

I guess I know about how Beethoven felt when he wrote the piano rondo, (“Rondo alla ingharese quasi un capriccio in G major, Op. 129”, better known as “Rage over a Lost Penny”.) I have been making little doo-dahs for the new bicycle. I needed a dozen or so braze-on binder bosses and a dozen or so water bottle bosses. What I have been doing on the cold mornings is to get in my trailer with the electric heater. I set up the Smithy Lathe with a steel rod and start turning out bosses. Today I was finishing up some water bottle bosses. They are three eights of an inch in diameter necked down to nine thirty-seconds. They are about five sixteenths of an inch long and are drilled and tapped for a five millimeter bolt. I whack it off with the hack saw and dress it up a bit with a file. It takes me about fifteen minutes to create each one. Read More »

Path Has An Adventure

By now you all know that we give names to everything. Our Coach is “Arcturus,” the Honda Civic is “Little Blue,” and our recumbent tandem bicycle is ‘Path.” It is named after a fictional dragon in Ann McCaffry’s “Dragon Riders of Pern” series. In Ann McCaffry’s series “Path” is somewhat ‘proddy’ and causes her rider, Mirrim, to be ‘out of sorts.’

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Riding the Scappoose Dike Land:

We have moved over to St. Helens for a few days this week. We are getting our annual dental checkups and visiting old friends. Today we jumped onto Path, our recumbent tandem bicycle and rode from St. Helens to Scappoose. Then we rode around the Scappoose dike lands. This is some farmlands that have been developed from the flood plain of the Willamette River many decades ago. The main highway of the region is US-30. It is four lanes and roaring along at 55 plus. Turning off onto the dike road puts us on narrow twisting roads with practically no traffic.

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Sometimes we are just at the right spot and at the right time. We are currently camping at Millerton Lake State Recreation Area near Fresno, CA. This morning the nearby boat ramp was invaded by a couple hundred triathletes and we had front row seats for the Millerton Lake Triathlon. These folks swam 400 yards, bicycled twelve miles and ran three miles. Six of the fastest men did the whole route in under an hour.

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We have spent nearly the whole month of November in Missouri. We explored my ancestors in Seneca. We visited with our Alpine Coach Owners Association in Branson and took in two of the really big shows there. We traveled the length and breadth of the Missouri Ozarks staying at Corps of Engineers parks at Pomme de Terra lake and Lake of the Ozarks. We then toured the Missouri capital building in Jefferson City and rode a ten mile segment of the Katy trail. It follows the railbed of the MKT, the Missouri, Kentucky and Texas Railroad. For a swan song we traveled to the eastern edge of Missouri to St. Louis and we attended a performance of the Paul Taylor Dancers and watched Neil’s sister Julie perform. Paul Taylor and his Dance Company were performing the “world premier” of a new dance, “Beloved Renegade.” We had a wonderful day with Jerry and Janene, Julie and Niel’s parents. We visited the Transportation Museum and then attended the dance performance.

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Ancestral Tree

We have made a four day stop in Neosho, Missouri, the county seat for Newton County, MO, the county where my mother was born in 1913. We went to the court house and immediately found the marriage license for her parents, William Madison Cook and Della Williams for July 12, 1910. What a rush to see the actual recording document that was hand entered in 1910.

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Ride the Dragon:

Judy and I ride our homebuilt recumbent tandem bicycle just about where ever we go. On Monday we set out to ride from Gilroy to the outskirts of San Jose to have lunch with Glen and his family. We cut our time too short so with a few quick calls on the cell phone we arranged to meet everyone in Morgan Hill at the Morgan Hill Museum. The museum was closed but they had a nice garden with benches where we ate our lunch.

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