Spring Break at Wings of History

We are just now leaving the Wings of History compound heading for the Pacific Northwest for the summer. We spent 10 days camped inside our private gated community, so to speak. Here are some of the activities we enjoyed. Read More »

Bluegrass Festival Time in Arizona:

We have been cruising around southwest Arizona for the past four weeks attending three Bluegrass festivals and the Ajo fiddle contest. The past three days in Bullhead City have been the most awesome jamming opportunities of all. Here is a photo of the group we hosted last night at our campsite.
Tomorrow we will make our way to Lake Havasu City for the next festival in two weeks.
Left to right around the circle, Barbra and Joe Magie, a bass player and guitarist that I missed their names, Mick and Fria on mandolin and dobro guitar. That is me standing and a fellow named Steve with his back to the camera. Our campfire is a propane heater and a LED lantern on the table.
Please let me know if there are still recipients out there who do not wish to receive e-mail with photos attached. This photo is 600 kb. I always trim them.

Kentucky Bluegrass:

Here we are in Kentucky, home of Bluegrass and Thoroughbreds. We will go looking for the Thoroughbreds tomorrow in Lexington. Today we are in Renfro Valley Kentucky. It is claimed to be the central point of Bluegrass Music. It is beautiful country all right and in this park with the Renfro Valley Bluegrass Festival in full swing the Bluegrass music permeates the air. Read More »

Bluegrass Weekend

This is our third year of attending the Tygh Valley Bluegrass Festival. (Pronounced like ‘tie valley’)  Each time it just keeps getting better. This time we talked some of our friends in to joining us in Tygh Valley. Long time friends, Fran Pickering and David and Adrienne Schilling joined us at the fairgrounds. Adrienne, Fran, Judy and I sang together in choir for many years. In addition, Fran is an excellent, classically trained violinist. We perhaps corrupted Fran just a bit. Read More »

Bluegrass Sprouts

This blog is not about Judy and I this time. It is about Bluegrass Music, a traditional music form that flourished in the 1940’s. People worry about traditional music genres dying out, replaced by gangster rap, acid rock and other popular forms on the daily hit parade. I am here to tell you that Bluegrass is alive and well here in the southwest United States.

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Open Mic

Wow what a weekend! As many of you know we enjoy Bluegrass Music. We are spending this weekend in Tygh Valley Oregon, attending a Bluegrass Festival. Best of all we run into old friends in these places. Friday, Dale and Sharon picked us out of a group and introduced themselves again. We originally met them in Goldendale Washington and they have been reading our blog ever since. They tell us they like following our journeys.

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Lazy Sunday

Summer is trickling away and it is so pleasant. Last week we dug the Regal Jug, our 23 foot sail boat out of storage and commissioned it for the summer. We launched it and arranged for moorage on the Columbia River here in St. Helens Oregon. Read More »

Scrambled Bands

It has been a while since I sent out a blog. We have been doing Bluegrass music about every day. There are five festivals in January and February here in Southeast California and Southwest Arizona. We have just finished up the fourth festival, it is in Quartzsite. The highlight of the weekend for us was the band scramble. This is my fourth band scramble, and I know I have written about the others, but it is just so much fun that I have to tell you the story of this one too.

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Porta-Potty Bluegrass

Here we are in Yuma Arizona. We are just a mile from the famous Yuma Arizona Territorial Prison, but that is a different story. Once again we are camped with a bunch of Bluegrass enthusiasts. Tonight after supper I heard the faint strum of guitar and banjo near the coach and I grabbed my guitar and headed out. What I found was two guys, a guitar and a banjo picker, standing over a Coleman lantern singing bluegrass right next to the porta-potty. Read More »

Out of the Blue

Blue: as in Blue Moon, Bluegrass and Blue Sky. As I write this there is Bluegrass music in my ears and the brilliant blue sky is overhead. We are in the community of Goldendale Washington, and they have pulled out all of the stops. We are attending the first, perhaps first annual, Blue Moon, Bluegrass Camp and Jam Festival. Read More »