20171026 What Is With This Week?

Things have just not been going my way this week. The week started out “Crappy.” Tu-wit, I sat on the toilet and the plastic hinges shattered from old age and brittleness. “No Problemo” I think, I’ll just order new hinges. Nope…so I ordered a new seat. End of the week came and no seat. So I canceled that order and re ordered it at the next town, Henderson, NV. That one failed to show also, so I had it shipped to Judy’s Sister, Sonja’s house for next week. Besides it is kind of fun skating around the toilet on a loose seat.
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20170806 Threading the Needle.

The Pfaff 2140 has been Judy’s sewing companion for the past fifteen years. It has traveled the length and bredth of our country. In June we scheduled a tune-up service for the old boy, and Judy did without sewing for a month. When Pfaff came back from servicing it was so happy to see Judy that he ran his motor full tilt for a couple seconds each time she turned him on. We sent him back for the quivalent of sewing machine psyco-therapy where he got a brain transplant. This time when he came home he not only was excited to see her, he began popping up his pressure foot whenever Judy stopped a seam. This didn’t please Judy at all. In fact she reacts negatively to things left in the up position. Read More »

A Quick Task! Chapter 1:

On Monday, September 26, 2016 Judy and I set out in Arcturus to accomplish a couple of housekeeping tasks. First was to dump the tanks, one of those disgusting but necessary jobs that must be done periodically. Robin Williams in his movie “RV” makes great sport of this simple task. But I digress, this task went smoothly and soon we arrived at our second destination. The Less Schwab store on Imbrie Drive where we had an appointment to exchange our dead 15 year old chassis batteries for a pair of new healthy ones. It was a little congested in the truck parking area, but Judy managed to wedge Arcturus between a Gulf war vintage 6×6 exchanging tires and a fully loaded log truck replacing two flats. The transplant went smoothly until it came time to test start the coach. I slid into the driver’s seat and inserted the key. First click activates the cylinder head heaters, wait for the “wait to start” blinking warning light to go out. Read More »

A Quick Task – Chapter 2:

I have a collection of cute sayings that I am likely to quote when the moment is right. I found several “right moments” on Monday last. The sayings that I repeated several times and still couldn’t find answers for were these:

“When you are absolutely certain that everything is exactly right, and it still doesn’t work then something that you are absolutely certain about is most certainly wrong.”

“Go to the last thing you changed and change it back.”

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Cleaning the Paint Brush:

I am currently finishing up a project where I am varnishing a small computer table that swings out over the Co-Pilot’s chair in our motor home.

Computer Table

Computer Table Project

I have decided to give it a three layer marine spar varnish treatment. When you paint it is tempting to wrap the brush in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. Now I may look dumb, but I know better than to place a smelly brush in mama’s refrigerator. That means I must clean the brush after each use. The alternative is to buy cheap brushes and toss them. Right! But you see I am already using cheap brushes. I like a simple two inch pig bristle brush that costs under $2 at the hardware store. Let’s see, that is three coats times two sides, or six brushes, which adds up to nearly $12, almost as much as the quart of spar varnish. Read More »

Flat Tire in Oceana:

Today was our second day out of Arizona. We arrived in Oceano, part of the so called five cities that includes Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach and perhaps Nipomo and San Louis Obispo.When we started to make our port of call at the five cities Elks lodge we missed the entrance and wound up in a residential neighborhood. Before extracting our selves we developed a puncture in the left front tire. Cesar came to our rescue and patched the tire. Here is an action photo right here on our blog. Read More »

Sitting Still

One more blog for 2014. Where has the year gone?
Like the title says, we have been here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona sitting still for the past month. Our original intent was to spend December with Judy’s sister, Sonja. We had no idea how important that month of sitting would be. First of all Sonja was in a bad car wreck in October. She spent over two months in the skilled nursing facility here in Lake Havasu City. We have been helping her when she came home in mid December. By some minor miracle we were able to rent the lot right next door to Sonja for the month of December. Read More »

Goodbye California, Hello Oregon:

I admit, I have been a little slack on the blogs recently. Not because of a lack of interesting topics, just so busy and yet we get nothing done. I don’t understand. California hasn’t been all that good to us this trip through. Yet we had some delightful times. We visited Lynn and Doug Johnson on our way up 101. Then on our way over the hills into Gilroy we started to develop an unusual vibration; especially when we started pulling hard on the hills. Judy was driving when it started to sink in that something was changing in the sound of the coach. Read More »

New Oven

You never know how handy an appliance is until it quits. About two weeks ago our microwave/convection oven went on the fritz. We searched high and low for an oven that would fit the slot. Microwaves, by the way, come in a wide assortment of sizes and styles. Read More »

Just-in-time Inventory

Just-in-time inventory is a concept that industry embraced back in the 90’s or so. Instead of stockpiling hoards of parts they let their suppliers inventory them and had them delivered just before they needed them.

I am trying to perfect this technique myself. I used to collect all kinds of stuff that I expected to come in handy…someday. Occasionally one of these parts would come in handy for a project and of course that reinforced the hording instinct. Read More »