20171027 The Other Hand

After reading some of your posts, it dawned on me that I tend to only write about the cat-as-trophies. So today I will write an up-beat blog.
First I treasure all of my friends. Thank you for your comments. Second, this is a great way to chronicle my life and our travels. Nothing is more boring as “Got up at 6 am. On the road by 10:30. Drove from Blake Ranch RV Park and Horse Hotel in Kingman, AZ to Williams AZ.” Yes I do have that detail tabulated in an Excel spreadsheet. Those that know me well will not find that surprising. Indeed, I can retrieve and playback nearly every mile of our travels over the past 13 years in a program called ”Street Atlas.”
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A Little Help Loading Cat Trikes:

Our new Cat Trikes tip the scales at about 30 pounds. Now that is not bad, but they are awkward to load. I checked my inventory of steel tubing and discovered that I had a couple nice lengths of one inch steel tubing left over from building bicycles. I bent a nice radius curve near one end and mounted it down the center of the van as a monorail. Today I designed a trolley to fit the monorail and built it. It has screen slider rollers with fat O-rings for tires and hand bent aluminum frame. Read More »

Dancing on Clouds:

We have completed a very challenging shakedown ride on the new tandem, Golanth, the bronze dragon. Here are the details: First we are now at L. L. Stub Stewart State Park near Vernonia, Oregon. This park is in the middle of the Banks Vernonia State Trail. It is in the coast range of mountains and has some severe hills to negotiate. Read More »

Remodeling Our Home:

Phase one: Gut everything out.
We are replacing the flooring in our Alpine motor home. The project has now progressed to the point that everything is gutted out, some leak damaged areas have been replaced with new material and the floor has been leveled with a concrete filler and sanded smooth and level.
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Shore Power:

Today we reached a milestone in the creation of the new shop van. Patrick, our grandson, and I have pretty well finished the physical furniture of the shop. Today we completed the wiring of the shore power connections. We now have lights and power for all the tools. Read More »

I Feel a Blog Coming On:

You hear that phrase around our household whenever I have done something particularly exciting, or something particularly stupid. Monday it was the latter. No details will be included, just to say we spent a large portion of Monday in the Emergency ward of St. Vincent’s in Beaverton. The good news is; I will heal completely. The other news is; it will be several weeks before I will be playing the guitar again. Meanwhile my left hand will “stick out like a sore thumb.” Read More »

Railroading in Stub Stewart

Our time as volunteers in the Oregon State Parks is rapidly drawing to a close. We are getting a last few dental and doctor appointments taken care of and then we will be following the geese south for the winter.
Last year about this time my son, Glen, introduced me to a game. It is a railroad simulation game and it is actually quite good. It is a beast to learn, however, but this week I realized the vision I had last December. That is to re-create the United Railroad from Burlington Oregon all the way to Vernonia, which is very close to Stub Stewart State Park. Indeed the Banks to Vernonia State Trail is a rail to trail conversion of the United Railway right-of-way. Read More »

Company Comin’:

It is August and we are in our last month as Camp Hosts at Yamhill State Heritage Site this year. Several of our friends have already stopped by on their way back from the annual Church Campout. Everything went very well. We had just enough parking space for their RV’s and everyone got to tour the archeological digs that are going on. A couple of friends have over-nighted on our couch, and friends with RV’s can over night at the Spirit Mountain Casino. Of course you are on your own with your new Coyote Card. Read More »

The Ugly Duckling:

It’s done: It ain’t pretty: It works!
O.K. What am I carrying on about? Each week I seem to be able to get another little project off my punch list toward finishing the new bicycle. This week it was a battery eliminator circuit, (BEC) to power the electronic speed control, (ESC) for the electric assist drive on Golanth, our new bicycle. The BEC was designed with the help of Neil, my Son-In-Law, and is really a dual voltage battery eliminator. I needed 4.8 volts for the speed controller and I also need 3 volts to power the microprocessor and the thumb throttle. Read More »

The Great Sailing Adventure – Sailing:

What a beautiful day. Under way from Clam Bay, Thetis Island by 9:30 and under sail by 10:00. We were able to sail almost continuously for the whole 23 nautical miles and nine wonderful hours. The breezes were perfect at about 10 knots and only failed us briefly near the end of Athol Peninsula on Saltspring Island. Read More »